Another Heavy Running Week

Another week down and two weeks remaining until the Boston Marathon.  This is by far the highest mileage I have ever done in my life but I am not sure it’s the best running shape I’ve been in.  With three weeks of dedicated training towards running, the Boston Marathon will be the ultimate test.  I’ve changed a lot of training techniques since Kona in hopes they’ll reduce my recovery time, and wasted travel time.   One of these is switching from a lot of outside running miles to treadmill miles.  What got me started on testing the treadmill was being unmotivated by the cold and rains this past winter, I love the heat.  After learning how to combat the boredom and monotony of the situation I soon found it enjoyable.

Except for this Sunday I ran everything inside.

Monday: 20 Miles @ 8:34 Pace
Tuesday: 16 Miles @ 6:11 Pace & 3 Miles @ 9:05 Pace
Wednesday: 15 Miles @ 8:00 Pace
Thursday: 20 Miles @ 6:31 Pace
Friday: 13.4 Miles @ 8:57 Pace
Saturday: 6.4 Miles @ 9:23 Pace
Sunday: 21.3 Miles @ 6:47 Pace

I guess after the Boston Marathon results I’ll have a clearer picture of how it affected my fitness training so much on the treadmill.  One thing is certain for now, the physical impact of running on a treadmill verse concrete is very obvious.  My sole purpose during this time is to study and test things out so I can create the most effective and efficient workouts getting ready for the IRONMAN.


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