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The Boston Marathon

The Race There is no doubt the Boston Marathon is the greatest marathon I have ever been to.  From the professionalism of organizing 30,000 runners to endless sea of people cheering you on, it lives up to all expectations of an epic race.  After watching my girlfriend, Erynne, last year run the Boston Marathon, I was…

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My Fastest Run Ever

Yet another successful week of running volume over 100 miles and I am feeling more confident in my running abilities than ever before.  This is my third week now of training after a few months off to debrief and really study training techniques.  The new training methods that I have now applied over the past…

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Another Heavy Running Week

Another week down and two weeks remaining until the Boston Marathon.  This is by far the highest mileage I have ever done in my life but I am not sure it’s the best running shape I’ve been in.  With three weeks of dedicated training towards running, the Boston Marathon will be the ultimate test.  I’ve…

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