Back In Business with a Bike!

My first real ride since October’s IRONMAN World Championship has been logged.  Looking at the data from today’s ride it looks like I lost around 24% of muscle/VO2 max in cycling.  Basically I compared my best day’s climb up highway 33 from last year to today.  Some small factors to take in consideration beyond not riding since October, first off I am 10 pounds heavier, my bike is a road bike which is probably around 5 pounds lighter, and I was soloing this effort.  However, my effort was pretty maxed out, averaged around 177 BPM over 50 minutes of climbing.  Overall I have a lot of work to do but it’s not really that bad since I get to play around in the mountains without a TT bike.   Over 10,000 miles of training on a TT bike last year killed me…

HR Data

Giant TRC

Rose Valley