First 100 Mile Week

With the First day of spring and little under a month to go till the Boston marathon I am feeling pretty positive.  2017 is my year away from the IRONMAN, it allows me to reconnect with friends and family and essentially save for my next races.  Wanting to win is not cheap by any means I’ve found out.  Even during my off time, I will set miniature goals to keep me energized, this week I’ll attempt to run my first 100 miles in one week.  I believe the hardest part is not finding the time but being able recover your legs fastest and muscles enough.  Nonetheless it’s a great goal to have going into the Boston Marathon and Mountains2Beach marathon (I got bribed into pacing 3:03:00).  For now that is all, just finished my first run of the 100 miles, 20 miles @ 6:51 pace.

Oh yes, shout to Oscar who leaves tomorrow to do the Rome Marathon! Cheers!