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My Fastest Run Ever

By Chris Allen | April 9, 2017

Yet another successful week of running volume over 100 miles and I am feeling more confident in my running abilities than ever before.  This is my third week now of training after a few months off to debrief and really study training techniques.  The new training methods that I have now applied over the past three weeks have delivered results I dreamed of and hopefully over Boston Marathon weekend I’ll get time to write about them.

This week ended in fireworks you could say, after 90 miles of running I ended the week delivering a PR 21 miler at 6:18 pace, also snapping my half marathon PR along the way.  Granted it was slightly downhill course except for a few miles uphill, nonetheless the results to me were epic.  By mile 21 I felt great, like it was effortless and I could see it in my heart rate too, as it was only just reaching 170 BPM.

Going into the last week leading up the Boston Marathon my main focus will still be weight loss.  Last week I was able to lose around 6 pounds, dropping from 146lbs @ 7.7% body fat to 140lbs @ 6% body fat.  My volume will stay high leading up the race as I solely view the Boston Marathon as fun test of my speed and where I currently stand.

This week:

Monday: 17.8 Miles @ 8:28 Pace
Tuesday: 15 Miles @ 8:00 Pace
Wednesday: 19 Miles @ 6:18 Pace
Thursday: 19 Miles @ 6:18 Pace
Friday: 10 Miles @ 9:23 Pace
Saturday: 9 Miles @ 9:14 Pace
Sunday: 21 Miles @ 6:18 Pace


Another Heavy Running Week

By Chris Allen | April 2, 2017

Another week down and two weeks remaining until the Boston Marathon.  This is by far the highest mileage I have ever done in my life but I am not sure it’s the best running shape I’ve been in.  With three weeks of dedicated training towards running, the Boston Marathon will be the ultimate test.  I’ve changed a lot of training techniques since Kona in hopes they’ll reduce my recovery time, and wasted travel time.   One of these is switching from a lot of outside running miles to treadmill miles.  What got me started on testing the treadmill was being unmotivated by the cold and rains this past winter, I love the heat.  After learning how to combat the boredom and monotony of the situation I soon found it enjoyable.

Except for this Sunday I ran everything inside.

Monday: 20 Miles @ 8:34 Pace
Tuesday: 16 Miles @ 6:11 Pace & 3 Miles @ 9:05 Pace
Wednesday: 15 Miles @ 8:00 Pace
Thursday: 20 Miles @ 6:31 Pace
Friday: 13.4 Miles @ 8:57 Pace
Saturday: 6.4 Miles @ 9:23 Pace
Sunday: 21.3 Miles @ 6:47 Pace

I guess after the Boston Marathon results I’ll have a clearer picture of how it affected my fitness training so much on the treadmill.  One thing is certain for now, the physical impact of running on a treadmill verse concrete is very obvious.  My sole purpose during this time is to study and test things out so I can create the most effective and efficient workouts getting ready for the IRONMAN.


Nick & I Ojai Run

Ele, Nick, & I

Post First 100 Mile Week

By Chris Allen | March 27, 2017

Well I have successfully pulled off my first 100 mile run week, it was too bad.  My break down was this:

Monday: 20 miles @ 6:41 pace & 3 miles @ 9:00 pace
Tuesday: 10 miles @ 8:00 pace
Wednesday: 18 miles @ 6:30 pace
Thursday: 10 miles @ 8:00 pace
Friday: 16 miles @ 6:20 pace & 3 miles @ 9:30 pace
Saturday: Rest Day
Sunday: 13.1 Miles @ 7:30 pace & 7 miles @ 8:34 pace

The key to doing this kind of running volume for me was the recovery after the runs, which included my recovery runs, nutrition, stretching, and massaging.  In the past I have done 80-90 mile weeks but by the time I finished on Sunday my legs ware in extreme aching pain. This week was much different, by Sunday I was perfectly fine, not saying I could run a PR marathon but I was completely ache-free. My revolution in my ache-free legs was most likely caused by three major changes I made to my training two weeks ago.  As of right now I am still testing these changes and I’ll post more when I see the results of the Boston Marathon in three weeks.  However, in this last minute ditch effort to train, the results so far have been very positive.

Lastly, not only was yesterday the day I finished my first 100 mile week it was also a celebration of six years since my first half marathon.  Oddly enough I took on a pacing gig yesterday at the race I first ran 13.1 miles.  Then to top it off when I got home I received my Boston Marathon packet in the mail.  This all reminded me of how far I had come in six years, from not being able to run one mile to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  The whole journey over six years has been great and I have loved every moment of it.

Happy Running!

Chris Allen

First 100 Mile Week

By Chris Allen | March 20, 2017

With the First day of spring and little under a month to go till the Boston marathon I am feeling pretty positive.  2017 is my year away from the IRONMAN, it allows me to reconnect with friends and family and essentially save for my next races.  Wanting to win is not cheap by any means I’ve found out.  Even during my off time, I will set miniature goals to keep me energized, this week I’ll attempt to run my first 100 miles in one week.  I believe the hardest part is not finding the time but being able recover your legs fastest and muscles enough.  Nonetheless it’s a great goal to have going into the Boston Marathon and Mountains2Beach marathon (I got bribed into pacing 3:03:00).  For now that is all, just finished my first run of the 100 miles, 20 miles @ 6:51 pace.

Oh yes, shout to Oscar who leaves tomorrow to do the Rome Marathon! Cheers!

Welcome to the new Allen-Photos.com

By Chris Allen | March 6, 2017

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new allen-photos.com. The site is currently under construction, so give it time!